Monday, May 05, 2008

Voters, Delegates, and Superdelegates--OH MY!

I read Mrs. G's blog this morning, and then the comments, and then followed a link in the comments to Jon Stewart's Daily Show site, and then kept watching related videos, until I saw this. Goodness, what a mess! Maybe the Democratic electoral convolutions ARE what keeps getting in the way of Democratic progress when all is said and done?

Hillary's changing take on voters, as demonstrated in this video at least, is exactly why I just can't vote for her. She accused Obama of dismissing the frustrated voters of Pennsylvania (and elsewhere) by his statements, but here, she sees them as even LESS than frustrated voters who turn to their comforting principles to decide their votes. To me anyway, it seemed like she pretty much called them ignorant, or at the very least, uninformed?

Oh Democrats...will ye ever get elected to the Presidency again? Do ye deserve it?

All I have to say is, "Barack the vote!"


Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

The thing is, all elections deteriorate. It seems the system is set up to bring out the worse--in the system and in the candidates. The more I hear, the fewer differences I see between them. It's all over in California anyway. So I'm looking to the BIG one! (-:

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I can't vote for Obama because he's just not ready to be president..he doesn't have the background, resources, experience or seasoning yet. I'd love to see him try again in 8 or 12 years when he knows Washington...his time there has been spent running for president rather than learning the ropes...we are in way too much trouble to hire a rookie, I'm afraid.


Allyn Evans said...

I doubt this influences anyone in any direction because for most the decision is already made.

I don't think sound bites paint a complete picture.

Whether affiliated with one party or the other (and Nicole, you have both reading your blog), hopefully those who are still undecided aren't making their minds up after watching this.

Nicole said...

Oh Allyn, of course you're right! I have just been infernally frustrated with the Obama/Clinton saga, pots calling kettles black, blah blah blah! All I wanted to say is that Obama strikes me still as the only one who isn't compromising everything he is and has stood for just to massage the voters. That's all.

And, no, I wouldn't want ANYONE to DECIDE ANYTHING based on reading my blog alone or by watching satiric news programs that rely on sound bites.

But I have given up worrying what people think of me and have started just saying what I feel on my blog. Just being honest. =)

Didn't mean to offend anyone, Republican or Democrat.