Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #8 -- I Found Out!

Thirteen Things I Found Out This Week

I've actually started getting things done in my real world space, so this week's list after much brainstorming for something "brilliant" to say to the world! will just be another random look at what's going on in my world (I paused for about ten seconds wanting to say "in my head" while I tried to convince myself that it wasn't JUST in my head, but was, in fact, part of my observable reality!). Ok, so if that introduction doesn't give you a clue about what my life is like when my kids go stay at their dad's house for extended time, maybe the list will help you understand what life without any major routine looks like! =)

  1. I found out from a couple of bloggy friends that not only does my favorite flower flourish in Oregon, but that they are blooming RIGHT NOW! Lilacs, how I love thee! Here I come!

  2. I found out just how many people (or should I say how few?) on my notification list actually want to read my blog regularly when I asked them to sign up for email subscriptions instead of getting emails from me. Alas.

  3. I found out how the raw foodists were right when they said that changing the way I eat would change my whole life...for the better! Everything. From how I look, to how I feel, to how I behave, to how my connection with others and even life itself would change. I'm so glad I started in the spring, too, because my new blossoming is right in line with the seasons and it's truly a joyous combination!

  4. I found out that we have Jimmy Buffet's "Boats, Beaches, Bars, and Ballads" box set on MP3 and I am listening to it today as I get things done. Jimmy is definitely a contender in my stuck on a deserted island music list. He's such a poet philosopher. Really. I think he's also one of the people I might say I would be if someone asked, "If you could also be anyone else in the world, who would you be?" (I'm a big fan of thinking it would be really cool to get to life swap to see what it's like...we all live vicariously from time to time, no?)

  5. I found out that I CAN live without animal protein every day. I used to think I could not. In fact, I thought about making this list into thirteen new things I have learned to eat since "going raw," but the general concensus of my readers is that it's just too weird, so I'm going to probably just post that on my new raw food blog instead!

  6. I found out that after about two months of eating mostly fruit, vegetables, seeds, and nuts, no dairy, no wheat, and very little meat, and exercising more regularly, that I have lost about eight pounds and have tons of energy!

  7. I found out that what I like most about my new lifestyle (eating really is a lifestyle) is that I don't feel bloated and swollen and droopy-eyed tired anymore. And I love the food I get to eat! See, I love food, so this really works for me because I get to eat "dessert" for dinner if I want to. Last night, I had four jumbo fresh strawberries cut up and sprinkled with hemp seeds (they taste like moist sunflower seeds but have the highest protein of any nut/seed) and topped with banana "ice cream." That means a frozen banana, four dates, a swirl of agave nectar, a dash of vanilla, and a handful of ice cubes (and a little H2O for mixing purposes since I don't have the best blender). It was luscious! And filling. And good for me.

  8. I found out that I've finally hit my stride and can eat much less than I had when I first adopted this style of eating. I know...this is the last one...but I was really worried at first because I just felt so empty eating just raw food. And then I had to go through all kinds of withdrawal feelings and actually DEAL with my emotional eating patterns to get here, so I'm really excited about it!

  9. I found out that focusing on being the change I want to see in my marriage is a miracle of Biblical proportions. (hehe) Seriously though. And now I'm reading The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz, and it all makes perfect sense because of the revelations I've been having in my own life lately. I recommend his books. I also just checked out his book of Prayers and have the companion (handbook?) to The Four Agreements. Ancient wisdom. Funny how things don't REALLY change...just new faces and new gadgets!

  10. I found out that my computer doesn't respond well to power loss. I was halfway through the last item and the power went out. It was rather funny, actually, because I finished typing a sentence at the same time that a Buffet song ended and them BAM! out went the lights! So, now, about 30 minutes later, I'm back to finish this list that is STILL taking way too long! =)

  11. I found out that I still love Turbo Jam. It's fun. Like dancing. In fact, cheery Chalene Johnson actually gives little breaks between sets to just "get your groove on" freestyle. She's a lot of fun, and very encouraging. I can't watch people who are just making a tape, you know? This lady has a heart you can connect to in her videos. (I liked that about Billy Blanks too, but I like Chalene more!)

  12. I found out today that Blogger's wacky glitches have a whole lot to do with why blogging takes too much of my time. Three times now I've had to close out the browser completely (this last time using alt+F4!!!!) because the dang link button gets stuck in the "on" position and keeps popping up a window no matter WHAT I click, exit, anything!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! Guess I'll have to use html AGAIN to bypass the mess. Oh, and need I even mention the crazy addition of spacing everywhere when I have to leave and come back?????? Hmph!

  13. I found out that I really love my life. I'm really learning to stop beating myself up for being a housewife who "needs a job/career" and started just being grateful for the fact that my husband works hard and likes it, that my kids have me around to take care of them since we don't live close to many family members, that I can go and work part time teaching and make some money if I need to, that I have this wonderful time to find my next true calling. I read something about "life's work" on a friend's blog yesterday and thought, "YES! That's exactly right!" Being a mom has absolutely been my calling all this time and when I haven't seen that, it's because I've been thinking I needed to be someone else for someone else (not just one person!) and that's just not who I am! So thank you Zenmomma for your wise words yesterday!!!! =)

And thanks to YOU for reading my Thursday Thirteen!

I've also found that I can do this once a week blogging thing without TOO much trouble. It gives me a focus and just enough incentive so that I don't walk away from my blog for too, too long.

Like I said, there's been a lot going on here lately, and I am preparing my life to be conducive to writing about it more often. Needed to get some things taken care of first, though, and I'm happy to finally be making some major progress. I guess I literally had to start from the inside out and learn to fuel my body so that it will cooperate with me in getting things accomplished!

Have a great day...weekend...and week! May you be grateful for your life--it's the only one you have, and not everbody gets to stick around as long as they would like, so enjoy every day, even if you only enjoy MOPING for the day, ok????!!!!!

Muah! =)

© Nicole J. Williams, 2008, all rights reserved.

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mom huebert said...

Interesting list. I'm going to check out your raw food blog, because now you've got me curious.

Lifecruiser said...

Well, I suppose that all what humans ate in the beginning were just raw food. So obviously we can survive on it :-)

However, I believe that the evolution has made so that our stomach's has developed to being able to cope with other food too. Not all, but much other food.

The only problem today is that everything is so pollunated or sprayed with preserving chemicals that we don't really know what's healthy or not any longer.

Can we really trust the suppliers? I doubt it.

Fruit & veggies are as bad as other food unfortunately.

I believe that the best thing is to spread the risks by eating a little of everything....

However, when it comes to loosing weight, it's probably much easier with raw food and that can be a health benefit for many :-)

Basically, if you feel good and are healthy from your diet, keep on going because then you're doing the right thing for your body.

Mrs. G. said...

I love lilacs too. I wish I had a tree in my yard. I have not really heard much about a raw food diet. Is there a book? I'm curious. Always curious.

Kat said...

I'm guessing the recipes over on my blog do nothing for you :-)

And regarding the last item on your reminds me of the quote: "bloom where you are planted." I never thought that being at home or even homeschooling would be my calling. But here I am. And I think I am the happiest I have ever been...and when I need that escape...which is a lot...I can depend on my bloggy friends to bring me a laugh, a smile, some encouragement...or just the right "thing" at the right time.

Cecily R said...

My mom has giant lilac bushes in her back yard and I LOVE them. Seeing lilacs just makes me feel warm and homey.

Great list! I'm glad your new eating lifestyle makes you feel so great and that it's working for you. That's what matters, not what everyone else thinks...

Husband said...

Raw Veggie Taco Salad ROCKS!!!

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Nicole, you might like jacaranda, too. When I first saw one, I said to my husband, "Wow. That's the biggest lilac tree I've ever seen." It was in downtown Phoenix. Jacaranda only grows where it hot. We have them in Los Angeles, too. Truly, a whole tree of glorious lilacy blooms only these also have occasional pods that look like butterfly wings from a distance.(-:

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Award-winning author of This Is the Place

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

I love lilacs too. The last one rings so true for me too. I love your paintings in your sidebar.

TLC said...

I have a friend who read Michael Pollan's book, In Defense of Food and went foodie, too. She is very happy, feeling healthy and is evangelical about it. It is wonderful you feel so good.

I know about Blogger's hiccups. Last night, just as I was getting ready to post, it ate half the post, everything from 5-13! And, since it auto-saves, it auto-saved after it did that and it was gone. So I had to go back and recreate my T13. Frustrating.

Feel free to stop by if you'd like.

Camellia said...

okay, I checked out Turbo Jam. It scared me. Spring has me delirious. Lilacs would make me faint from joy. I'm eating more raw at your recommendation, but won't go (I can't stop myself) whole hog with it. Like your lists.

Minnesota Matron said...

Here from Mrs. G- I eat about 80% veggies, mostly raw. That's been my lifestyle for the past decade. I actually haven't given that too much thought, but reading this reminds me that I am eating an unusual diet, indeed!

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Nicole, I have another surprise for you on my blog. Enjoy!