Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #3: Things I Could Have Blogged This Week

Thirteen Things I COULD HAVE blogged about this week!

So I think I want to be a blogger. For real. Talkin' up my random life, online, and hoping that it's somehow interesting. Heck, or just to keep track of my own darn self, you know? So for two weeks, since I started this Thursday Thirteen funfest, my brain has been buzzing even MORE than usual about what to blog, to blog, to blog, or not to blog!?

Thoughts like, "Hey, I wonder if I've diluted my original flavor with this little list that seems to have taken over. I wonder if I really can just talk about anything. About all those things that get stuck in my head, banging around, driving me crazy. Wouldn't it be fabulous to just send them on their way and get on with thinking new thoughts? Yeah, I think so!"

So this list is probably more for my benefit again. It's a reminder that I have plenty of things to say, I just don't find the time to sit down and let a little randomness out on the page.

Here's an idea. If ANY of these sound halfway interesting, please stop by in the comments and give me a thumbs up, ok? Then, I'll work on writing a nice short and snappy (yes, this is my curse) explanation and get the thought monkeys out of my head so you can hear them. I warn you, though, it may not be pretty.

But it might be FUN! =) Let's see:


  1. ...what the first two weeks (as of today) of eating an almost completely raw diet have been like: physically, of course, but also mentally and spiritually. As far as physically goes, the dirt is that I think I "cheated" with only a handful of items. Let's see, I had two BBQ chicken thighs, two 3oz. pieces of medium raaaare steak, a few Hershey's truffle kisses, a Cadbury cream egg (hello Valentine's and Easter candies are evil!), some yogurt pretzels (found them when I cleaned out my pantry. Gosh I love those things!), and yeah, that's ABOUT IT besides fresh fruit, veggies, raw nuts & seeds.

  2. much I love Mrs. G's Derfwad Manor and that it pained me to discover that a femiNazi had emailed her anonymously with a "shame on your unfeminist blogging practices" tirade in the dead of night. It's funny how one small, ignorant voice, even in the midst of many enlightened ones, will almost always give us pause. (hrmph)

  3. I am slowly but surely working through Step Four on my own and in my own way, learning more and more about my responsibility in creating this life I'm living. Oh me, oh my, I have been the poster child for blame!! But, better to be awakened to an ugly truth about oneself than to go on living in ignorant misery (hey, if it were bliss, it might not be so bad, but it was/isn't!).

  4. ...all the new foods I have tried since starting to eat only raw food. Always wondered what fennel bulbs were all about. Now I love them and have to have them. And how many of you have ever put raw spinach in your breakfast smoothie? You are definitely missing out. It RAWks! (I know, cheesy, or, in raw foodie talk, cheezy.)

  5. I managed to inadvertantly alienate myself from the raw food forum I joined. By being myself for a change. Um, yeah. I guess it's that whole "tone in writing" issue? Thing is, usually I'M the one misinterpreting tone, and this time, even I missed the tone coming back at me. So it was an interesting tale. No suspense and intrigue I guess, but it was yet another learning experience.

  6. ...the fact that I'm giving my dog parsley and megagreen supplements to help her naturally through her second "false pregnancy," which unfortunately means I will most likely have to get her spayed after all. She's eight and a half years old. I know, I know. I bet I could get some serious hate mail for my pet care philosophy.

  7. I "grounded" myself from the internet for a whole day because I am going through my addictions, one by one, and starting over one day at a time with healthy behaviors instead.

  8. the day I was grounded from the internet, I read a whole book on eating raw food, including every recipe. The book is Ani's Raw Food Kitchen:Easy, Delectable Living Foods Recipes, and it's my favorite so far. I would love to have my very own copy! She also has a few videos online that show how to prepare some of the recipes too (but I found those the next day, lol)! Check OUT this raw apple pie. Please? It's sooooooooo beautiful. And GOOD for you! Look at it. Look! =)

  9. love can surprise you, just when you think you might have given up hope that anything will ever change. Well, maybe I wouldn't blog about that specifically, but maybe I could. It's still tough for me to put myself out there in plain view sometimes. But hey, I could try. After all, there's hope that we can all change, right? Ok, enough with the suspense already. My husband did and said things this past weekend that I'd been wishin', and hopin', and prayin', he would do. Woohoo, teamwork!!!

  10. I changed out the downstairs thermostat by myself and felt really accomplished afterwards. I've had some experience with tools, so it wasn't such a big thing I guess, but it seemed so different, um, such a male-oriented thing to do? (crap, is that sexist?) Seriously though, I told my daughter I would rather do electrical work all day than clean toilets and vacuum. In my opinion, men have the brawn that gets them the better household chores sometimes. Of course, this from the woman who has painted almost every room in her home by herself (or with her DAUGHTERS), so maybe my life is way skewed on household task division; I don't know. (Ok, so I admit it, my husband takes out the trash now and everything else is mine...Christmas lights, exterior painting, lawn & garden, blah blah blah!) Not sure how that one came off. lol

  11. my husband surprised the hell out of me last weekend by doing things...wait...I said that already, right? Wow, it was just too cool! And now he can say I mentioned him MULTIPLE times in my blog. (hehe)

  12. a guy from my graduating class went trolling through myspace and sent me a message, not really remembering who I was, but just goin' through the list and playin' "look at me now." Well, I vote him "MOST CHANGED" since high school. Yep, this here's the year of the fabled 20th reunion, which I will most likely not be able to attend, although I would love to because I'm a curious FREAK who still remembers more than half of the kids in my class because I used to LIVE IN THE PAST and regarded my yearbook much too often during the first ten years after graduating. *sigh* So yeah, I didn't recognize him, but his age and location made me think, "Get the yearbook!" and I did, and, well, this definitely needs to be a blog, huh? (Hi Honey...didn't get a chance to tell you this story yet. I was going to though!)

  13. not only my husband has surprised me, but that I have done things in the last two weeks that have been on MY to-do list for WAY too long and I've been ticking them off, one by one. I attribute this windfall of personal power to the #1 and #3 working in tandem. Boy, food addictions are sneaky. They are often the last reserve in our highly addicted society. In my own experience, almost everyone I know has food addiciton issues. Becoming transparent to myself and admitting my fears, foibles, and addictions is really transforming my life from the inside out. Honest authentic living is where it's at. I hope I can put some of the transformation process into words and share. I know hearing other folks talk about their revelations has helped me get to this point, so I hope I can pass on a little of that.

Well, dear readers, I certainly appreciate your time and your thoughts, and your returns to my humble online abode. May you be blessed this week. Perhaps you will get to see something new in yourself or someone you love, and may you find great joy in the discovery!

Muah! =D

© Nicole J. Williams, 2008, all rights reserved.

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Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

How I love this. Thirteen blogs in one! And easy and quick to read! You may start a trend! I knew tips worked (I used them a lot in my newsletter, Sharing with Writers) but I never thought to use them as part of a blog. (-:

Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Lori said...

Woohoo to #9. Somethings need a little patience. Although, Im not once to be patient so i better not preach what i dont practice:) Happy TT.

Camellia said...

I just want to hear about each and every one,because I like you that way.

Allyn Evans said...

I must confess hearing about the raw food doesn't interest me at all. I'm not there yet. Might never be.

But the raw foods forum incident. That's the stuff I like to hear about. What happened? How did you handle it?

Hi, Camellia...:)

Denise Patrick said...

Interesting list. Now, I'd never go completely raw-food, but I'm slowly changing my diet. Once Summer is here, I live on fruits and veggies.

Happy TT!

Alexander said...

Hi Nicole,

Good luck with your raw food journey.

I've been drinking a green smoothie at least once a day for the past 5 years.

The main ingredients are spinach and banana. Today I threw in some kale and goji berries as well.
Tastes great and makes you feel sooo good.:)


Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

I think that you have a LOT of really great topics here to blog about!

I understand what you are saying...sometimes it is really hard to blog about random stuff because you just don't know what others will think! I've found it way to easy to blog about the same things each day of the week. Monday = menu, Friday = humor, Thursday = TT list. I'd love to still do these things but to be more carefree as well!

Good luck in your blogging endeavor!

Phyl said...

Nicole...thanks for coming by and sending some love for my aches & pains. I love this line from your TT post: "Perhaps you will get to see something new in yourself or someone you love, and may you find great joy in the discovery!" I enjoyed the whole post...but I take this line quite personally...THANK YOU!

In fact, I am gonna blog about it and link to YOU.

Phyl said...

Posted about you here:

AND...Come and get your Linky-Love:

Husband said...

Hi Darling!!!

Great insight.

I want to go raw, but it seems to be so terribly time-consuming (compared to "faster food").

Excellent job on the thermostat. You must have had a really good electrician teacher.

Ummm...we pay for lawn I really that bad?

I want meat...LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is quite the list. Good for you!! :) But all raw food? I think I'd go crazy!! ;)

Oh, did you ever receive my response to your e-mail?

Kristen's Raw said...

Love the part about fennel and spinach in the smoothie :)

Kathe Gogolewski said...

Hi Nicole!

Wow, you seem to be going through a lot of change. That's exciting stuff - I know from personal experience that lots of things tend to happen when I shake up the routines! I hope you'll continue to let us know what happens to you!

Kathe Gogolewski

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Hey! I tagged you ~ it’s an EASY one! You can find it in “Two-fer For Tuesday!” on my blog.